Meeting Papers


April 2015

Agenda Agenda _April2015    Secretary Report_April2015_vfinal

March 2015

Secretary’s Report Secretary Report_March2015_v01

Minutes: Minutes_Mar2015_final

February 2015

Agenda _Feb2015  Secretary’s Report   Secretary Report_Feb2015_v01  Treasurers Report Bank reconsiliation April to date 2013-2014

Minutes:  Minutes_Feb2015_final

Edinburgh Association of Community Councils – ‘Lancaster’ Report – EACC Workshop 31 Jan 2015 Report

Police Performance Report Item 5.2. – Police Performance Report for Edinburgh April 2014-December 2014 – Combined

Fire Performance Report – Item 6.1 – Scottish Fire and Rescue Service – City of Edinburgh Performance Report – Year to Date Dec

January 2015

Agenda _Jan2015      Secretary Report_January2015_v02

November 2014     

Agenda _Nov14           Secretary Report_November          2014              Granton_Minutes_November 2014_final                                             

October 2014            

Agenda _Oct 2014_Final           Secretary Report:  Secretary Report_October 2014_Post meeting    

Granton_draft_minutes_October 2014

Latest: August 2014:   August 2014 Minutes

January      Agenda     Jan 27th.                                                 Minutes     Jan 27th

February    Agenda      Feb 24th.                                               Minutes     Feb 24th

 March         Agenda      March 31st.                                            Minutes     March 31st

April              Agenda      April 2014.

May              Agenda      May 2014                                             Minutes       May 2014

June             Agenda      June 2014              


Date                        AGENDA                                                MINUTES  

August             Agenda     Aug 26th                         Minutes    Aug 26th

September     Agenda    Sept 30th                        Minutes   Sept 30th

October           Agenda    Oct 28th                          Minutes    Oct 28th

 November      Agenda    Nov 25th                        Minutes     Nov 25th


Copy of our response to Community Empowerment Bill Consultation.


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