The reality of the Council Budget – The cuts

Some the cuts that will take place.  Once we know the ‘where’ we will seek to save services in our area.  We will need to work together.

Cutting over 1200 council posts – roughly one in 20 of the 19,000-strong workforce, mostly via natural wastage•

Reductions in grants to voluntary organisations

Parking fees to rise by up to 20 per cent

Reduction of £500,000 in budget of Edinburgh Leisure for sports and leisure centres Review of library opening hours

Closure of several public toilets

An end to painting lines on sports pitches

Reducing “avoidable contact” with the public by encouraging people to go online to report potholes, complain about council tax or book school trips

Home care charges to rise from £13.50 an hour in 2014-15 to £15.50 an hour in 2015-16

Charges for council care home places to increase by eight per cent

Reduced staffing ratios in day services for people with disabilities

Review of value for money in supported bus services

Review the way taxi card is funded, with a view to introducing upfront charge of £20 to join the scheme

Care home placements for older people to reduce by ten a month to shift balance of care from residential to home-based services

Reduce the number of education welfare officers

Increase “trigger point” for reimbursing schools’ long-term absence cover from 20 to 30 days

Green spaces like parks, verges and roundabouts will be allowed to “grow wild” to save £200,000


About David Macnab

A learning and development professional whose mission is to help people be the best they can be. Specialise in leadership development. I also support people through coaching, counselling and mentoring. I value authenticity, honesty, loyalty and integrity. These are my core values. I have been worked for over 30 years as a manager and leader in both private and public sectors. I have practical experience in dealing with a range of issues with an empathic ear. Sport, politics, music, travel – so many things I enjoy. Life is for living. Enjoy every day – don’t let fear get in your way as change comes along. As the Macnab clan motto says – Let fear be far from all.
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