Inaccurate Information on Consessionary Lets

It has come to our attention that inaccurate information has been circulating in relation to this and other community councils in Forth seeking to cut consessionary lets for gardening groups. This is factually inaccurate.  We have highlighted that the council are seeking to potentially increase the costs of such lets as part of the budgetary process.  I hope this clarifies the position.

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1 Response to Inaccurate Information on Consessionary Lets

  1. Mossytwig says:

    oh dear, it seems I have upset you David. I pointed out that the city council was still undertaking a review of concessionary lets city wide – finalised in spring 2015. According to the Federation of City farms and Community Gardens spokesperson, the council site acknowledges getting rid of concessionary lets would cost the council money.

    Not sure where you got the ‘concessionary lets’ being done away with as a proposed cut from? Could you forward the council document link?


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