Lower Granton Road – Public Meeting

There was a public meeting that was called (we found out by chance and went along) for tonight for people who live on or near Lower Granton Road.  The reason for the meeting was for residents and others to put their view on the main issues – and possible solutions. There was plenty of dialogue with the main issues being – traffic volume, speed, difficulty crossing the road – including Granton Square – parking, lighting, cyclists on pavement due to the problem of cycling on the road, noise, accidents and making the area a great place to live (with a great beach in the area for example). Table groups were asked to put up their ideas on what could be done – from short term measures – introduction of 20mph to a total re-think of the road as an arterial road – to closure and one way. The council will come back directly to all those interested.  It does occur to me that there requires to be a more holistic approach to traffic management in this whole area – so that anything that relieves Lower Granton Road does not move the issue elsewhere in the area.

About David Macnab

A learning and development professional whose mission is to help people be the best they can be. Specialise in leadership development. I also support people through coaching, counselling and mentoring. I value authenticity, honesty, loyalty and integrity. These are my core values. I have been worked for over 30 years as a manager and leader in both private and public sectors. I have practical experience in dealing with a range of issues with an empathic ear. Sport, politics, music, travel – so many things I enjoy. Life is for living. Enjoy every day – don’t let fear get in your way as change comes along. As the Macnab clan motto says – Let fear be far from all.
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