Campaign to Cut Speed Limit in Lower Granton Road

LGR In collaboration with Wardie Bay Residents Association we are pleased to support their campaign to reduce the speed limit along Lower Granton Road.  With over 100 accidents since 2000 and with 15 houses damaged due to accidents in the past 10 years – action is needed.  Apart from the ongoing campaign to seek to widen the road – this is the residents next hope that this may go a little way to make their area safer.

If you agree – please complete the questionnaire by 17 October





About David Macnab

A learning and development professional whose mission is to help people be the best they can be. Specialise in leadership development. I also support people through coaching, counselling and mentoring. I value authenticity, honesty, loyalty and integrity. These are my core values. I have been worked for over 30 years as a manager and leader in both private and public sectors. I have practical experience in dealing with a range of issues with an empathic ear. Sport, politics, music, travel – so many things I enjoy. Life is for living. Enjoy every day – don’t let fear get in your way as change comes along. As the Macnab clan motto says – Let fear be far from all.
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