Granton Goes Global

I am delighted to launch Granton and District Community Councils website. This is an exciting new move for the Community and we hope that this will just be the start of wider Community Consultation and involvement.

We are nothing without the support of the Community so we need your views and opinions, and yes your constructive criticism. We have a proud Community that has like many others suffered in the economic downturn, so we need to be assertive and make sure our views are heard and listened to.
Community Councils must be more than just talking shops, we must take a pro active and positive role in our Community.
We have and continue to play a role in the everday situations that we all face. We are an active council with both experienced and new people on board. We all have a duty to try and achieve the best we can for our Community, and we can’t do it without you the residents and service users.
Please if you can, attend our regular meetings which are usually the last Monday in the Month, held at the Royston Wardieburn Community Centre, these dates are posted on our notice boards at both ends of Boswall Parkway and in future on our web site.
Get involved if you can, the more involvement the stronger we are.

Fred Marinello – Chairman

Contact Dave Macnab – Web Editor to post information on your groups – views etc. Take a tour of the site. It will be regularly updated. Ed.


About David Macnab

A learning and development professional whose mission is to help people be the best they can be. Specialise in leadership development. I also support people through coaching, counselling and mentoring. I value authenticity, honesty, loyalty and integrity. These are my core values. I have been worked for over 30 years as a manager and leader in both private and public sectors. I have practical experience in dealing with a range of issues with an empathic ear. Sport, politics, music, travel – so many things I enjoy. Life is for living. Enjoy every day – don’t let fear get in your way as change comes along. As the Macnab clan motto says – Let fear be far from all.
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